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Connect to the LOVE

We are all connected:

This post is about the Divine connection we all share in this life experience. Life has a tendency to distract us from the core of our being and presence, which is always with us and in us. We each have our own individuality and experiences yet we are all connected. When we come into this life, we enter naked with nothing and the same goes for when we exit. We are granted access to this universal life force by our own presence and being right now as you read these words....

The true magic in this human experience is LOVE. LOVE is what connects us all in this world. This is a gentle reminder of that. Take a moment right now and pause to feel into the LOVE that you are, feel the presence and Power of it. It matters not how powerfully you feel it, but really take 15-20 seconds and quiet your mind and feel into the LOVE.

You may be feeling what is LOVE?

LOVE is connecting with a friend and sharing a beautiful time together.

LOVE is being outside in nature regardless of the weather and connecting with your environment.

LOVE is sharing a smile with another.

LOVE is being in a moment with your partner.

LOVE is cuddling with your pet(s).

LOVE is watching a beautiful sunrise/sunset.

LOVE is being present to the moment of NOW.

LOVE is feeling the call of your Soul.

LOVE is the feeling you have when are in your happiest, most powerful state.

Connect to LOVE today, you will be glad you did. Spread the LOVE around in your own way.

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