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Yes! Surrogate partner therapy for women.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

More and more women are giving themselves permission to discover full sexual satisfaction & healing through the use of a Surrogate Partner. I personally want EVERYONE to claim their right to healthy sex, deep intimate relationships, shameless expression of their real self, and self-confidence!

Part of healing and empowerment is expanding your options and then choosing. As a woman who overcame my own challenging sex & relationship history, I will never stop advocating for access to meaningful and life-changing surrogate partners for women. Sometimes just knowing that the option is there if you need it changes everything.

AIHG creates a safe space for both male & female clients, of any orientation. You have access to all available healing arts…including male and female surrogate partners. Our surrogate partners will guide you through your sexual healing in a hands-on way that can open up your life in ways that you haven't even imagined!

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