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Acceptance is the First Step in Resolving Your Problems

“The greatest difficulty is the mental resistance to things that arise, and the underlying assumption that they should not.” - Eckhart Tolle

We've all dealt with situations in our lives that we would prefer to be different. When we can't accept the way that things are going, then what we have on our hands is a problem. When we are able to accept what life throws at us, there are no problems -- there are only situations and how we handle them.

That which you resist, persists. The more negative energy we direct at a situation that we don't like, the more we feed the persistence of the very thing that we are fighting against. When I find myself in a situation like this, I remind myself of what my Buddhist teachers have counseled: be like the reed in the rushing river and bend with the current. If we don't bend, we break.

I have seen so many clients who have issues in their lives that they are struggling to deal with, and the first thing that I guide them to do is to accept that whatever is going on is ok, and they are exactly where they need to be at this moment on their soul path. We have to be ok right where we are before we can move forward. So if you find yourself wishing that something in your life were different, first embrace things exactly as they are. Only then can you see clearly the way forward without your problems obstructing your view.

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