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The Myriad Benefits of Prostate Therapy

Prostate cancer is the #1 most commonly diagnosed malignancy among men in the United States. In addition to exercise, healthy diet, and other smart lifestyle choices (such as avoiding smoking, minimizing alcohol intake, and drinking plenty of water), prostate therapy is a great way to help men keep their prostates healthy.

Prostate therapy can deliver a variety of benefits, including increased orgasmic intensity. 1. What is prostate therapy? Prostate therapy is the direct stimulation of the prostate gland with a finger through the rectum. It is not vigorous and many men find it to be very enjoyable.

2. What occurs during prostate therapy?

A specific series of strokes to the prostate by a trained practitioner can result in any of the following:

  • drain or "milk" a prostate of stagnant fluids,

  • cause a greater number of contractions during orgasm, thus increasing intensity,

  • relieve chronic tension held by the pelvis,

  • release feel-good chemicals and hormones in the brain,

  • deliver healthy blood flow to an important organ when frequent sex is not occurring,

  • wake up thousands of nerve endings in the entire male genital region,

  • increase erotic awareness of anus & penis root deep inside the abdomen,

  • create a deep pleasurable sensation.

3. How does regular prostate therapy improve sex?

Regular prostate therapy encourages stronger PC muscle strength and therefore stronger erections. Strength of prostate contractions directly correlates to ejaculatory intensity.

Some men use prostate therapy as a way to gain greater control. Prostate orgasm enables a man to climax without ejaculation, thus delaying ejaculation until he or his partner is ready. Men can develop the ability to experience full-body orgasm, or multiple prostate orgasms, while maintaining erection or recovering erection soon after.

4. Why didn't my doctor recommend prostate therapy?

Very few doctors have any time to discuss holistic, preventative or alternative medical practices. This is especially true when a physician has no personal experience with a treatment. For more information, check out this article by Dr. Mark Sircus. We do receive referrals from urologists who send their patients for prostate therapy, and we hope that more doctors will embrace this holistic healing practice for the benefit of their patients' health and well-being.

As part of a holistic approach to sexual health, Jen Mull offers prostate therapy. Contact her for more information!

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