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Overcoming Fear


"Move, but don't move the way fear makes you move."

- Rumi

If I had a supernatural power, it would be to dissolve fear in people with a wave of the hand.

So much of our time at Ananda Integrative Healing is spent helping people to recognize fear and overcome it. The reason our clients launch into life so quickly is because working with us helps to evaporate their fear.

How can fear creep into relationships and sexual expression?

Fear of Being Judged

Fear of Failure

Fear of Inadequacy

Fear of Getting Hurt

Fear of Change

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Uncertainty

Fear of Loneliness

Fear of Loss of Freedom

Fear of rejection is just as real in an existing relationship as in a new relationship, especially when you want to try new things. Fear of failure limits many men from approaching sex, and fear of inadequacy is connected. No one wants to feel not good enough in someone else's eyes, or their own. Staying in a bad relationship can be fueled by fear of change, fear of loneliness, and fear of uncertainty. Agreeing to a committed relationship can bring up fear of loss of freedom and fear of getting hurt. Overwhelmingly, being yourself and asking for what you really want, triggers fears of being judged.

Our work is largely about helping people to become aware of the fears that are preventing them for going after, and achieving, what they want in their lives. Once those fears are brought into the light, we use practical and spiritual tools to address them head-on, and eventually the fears melt away and become manageable.

My favorite piece of advice for my clients is: "If it feels uncomfortable, do it." Moving toward what you fear rather than shrinking from it is the way to continue to grow and expand and create the life you desire. Try it today and see the difference that it makes in your life.

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