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Is 6 Minutes of Sex Enough for You?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Couple under the sheets

According to a multinational study, the average amount of time a man lasts during sex is 5.4 minutes. No wonder so many men and women are unsatisfied with their sex lives! A survey of American and Canadian sex therapists concluded that 1 to 2 minutes of sex is too short, 3 to 7 minutes is adequate, 7 to 13 minutes is desirable, and more than 10 minutes is too long. Well, we at Ananda Integrative Healing Group most definitely disagree with those conclusions!

The ancient tantric sages were onto something -- in order to experience a true spiritual and physical union, tap into your sexual energy to deeply connect with another, and energize your spirit, you must be able to prolong sexual union. To really go deep (both literally and figuratively), you have to be in it for the long haul.

The most transformative, earth-shaking, soul-shattering sex I've experienced has lasted an hour or more. Most people I know have never had the joy and the pleasure of sexual experiences like this that take them to places they've never imagined; most notably, to the inner recesses of their own, and their partner's, soul. THAT is the kind of sex that changes your life. And that is the kind of sex we teach at Ananda.

If you want to...

  • experience extended pleasure,

  • learn how to connect more deeply with yourself and your partner,

  • learn how to last longer without pills or creams (incidentally, the study mentioned above was sponsored by Viagra, and they asked participants if they would be interested in a drug that would help them last longer; you can see a summary in this video by Tech Insider)

  • discover more about what arouses you and how to explore your sexuality (an Australian study found that people who were more adventurous in bed had longer sex sessions), and

  • re-energize your sex life, whether you are partnered or solo,

...then come work with us!

A client I worked with this past weekend emailed me after our session to say:

"I have to thank you for our session yesterday. I was so focused (and fired up) that I initiated perhaps the greatest sex my wife and I have ever had! I will admit that I struggled with combining much of what I learned from you into the sex...but did focus on the breathing which made a huge impact. I look forward to progressing and learning how to take what I've learned and better incorporate it into AMAZING SEX!"

If you aren't satisfied with six minutes, and you want to jumpstart your sex life, CONTACT US TODAY and get on the path to AMAZING SEX in your own life!!!

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