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About AIHG

At Ananda Integrative Healing Group, we take a holistic approach, embracing healing techniques which address the mind, body, and spirit to help you fully realize your potential and integrate your sexuality into your life. We believe that every person is capable of creating a joyful, empowered, and self-expressed existence. Our calling is to guide you respectfully on this profound journey of self-discovery. 



Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and locations. Most of our clients desire greater intimacy, connection, and fulfillment in their lives and relationships. Common issues include: PTSD & trauma, social anxiety, relationship difficulties, body image issues, intimacy issues, orgasm blocks, early or delayed ejaculation, erection issues, shame, grief & illness, and limited relational experience. 


Healing Modalities


AIHG's integrative approach combines clinical therapy with somatic therapy and mindfulness training, creating individualized programs to address each client's unique needs. Our certified professionals use the power of touch as a source of healing. We offer clinical therapy, life & sex coaching, reiki and energy healing, neurosomatic processing/brainspotting therapy, hypnotherapy, touch & cuddle therapy, and surrogate partner therapy. Our work utilizes the protocols developed by Masters & Johnson and expands upon them with additional holistic modalities.


Collaborative Approach


Our clinical therapists work closely with our surrogate partners and other practitioners to provide coordinated care. Most therapists have not been trained to work in the triadic model of surrogate partner therapy, and for this reason we require that you see one of our in-house therapists during your program. 


If you are currently working with a therapist, we will be happy to communicate with them. Somatic therapy has been proven to accelerate healing in ways that talk therapy alone cannot, therefore your work with us will augment the work that you are already doing with your therapist.

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