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"Thank you, Nicole and Elizabeth. Thank you for your time and your willingness to do something so countercultural. What started with a meeting to look for a physical fix turned into an experience that made me a better person. A paragraph will not do justice to the experience nor will a few pages. I feel energized and empowered to live a life of hope and fulfillment. To be clear, before I met you, I did not think I was lacking empowerment or that I needed enrichment in my life. Go figure! I want to thank you for the time that you have spent with me. I finally felt like someone was in my corner. You have helped me tremendously in getting myself centered, and teaching me some life skills to live a much more fulfilled life. May your love, kindness and radiant light keep shining bright as you bring healing one person at a time."

- A. S.

Prior to working with AIHG I was unable to enjoy any form of sexual contact without intense performance anxiety ruining the interaction. I felt hopeless and unsure if I would ever be able to have a normal sex life without anxiety ruining all of my sexual encounters. I worked with Nicole for around 6 months and it made all the difference for me sexually, and in other areas of my personal life. I was more confident in my looks, personality, sexual ability, etc. Nicole was able to make me feel extremely comfortable with her, which made the work of overcoming my sexual anxiety 100x easier. I now am able to enjoy casual sex and am in a committed relationship, which is something I never could have imagined prior to my work with AIHG.

- Steve M.

"If you are reading this testimonial, you are likely at your wit's end. You might be feeling overwhelmingly frustrated and hopeless. I certainly did when I read the other testimonials on this site. Take the leap and reach out to AIHG, I did and the experience was life changing. I know, I know, that may seem hyperbolic, it isn't, but you'll really need to experience that for yourself. I worked with Nicole and Erin (the former AIHG therapist) and they both have a genuine passion for this therapeutic practice and are true professionals. They will quickly set you at ease and you'll soon understand that you made the right decision putting your trust in AIHG. The therapeutic approach is well established, thoughtful and, most importantly, effective. One of the most surprising aspects is that you will walk away not only regaining self-love and sexual confidence but also a mindful perspective on may other facets of your life in that you can apply to nearly everything you experience."

- Christopher S.

"My experience with AIHG has been more than beneficial for me and any future partners I have. I went to AIHG because I was having problems with maintaining erections and going through an adult circumcision left me feeling not quite as adequate as a man should. I didn't feel that women were attracted to me, and I thought that something must be wrong with the way I look or act. Turns out I didn't really have much of a physical problem, but more of a mental one. I was always over-thinking things and not letting my body experience what it should have experiencing from the beginning. I think the pressure that society puts on sex in general has taken away from the true essence of what sex is meant to be. I believe that most people associate sex with what they see in porn, which is not about creating real connection. I personally discovered a new side of myself when it comes to sex and now I can really connect with my partner and we both can enjoy sex much better."

- Steven S.

"When I look back on my healing process, I think of it as such an amazing experience that it's hard to put it into words. I was a case of extreme anxiety coupled with desensitization from online pornography and years of isolation. I had gotten to the point in my life where there was just no way I could enjoy feeling close with another person, and I had lost all hope that I ever would.

Through education and touch therapy, over time I was able to have some major breakthroughs that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.

For me to have success in therapy, I needed someone exactly like Nicole. I am so grateful I found her. To anyone out there thinking of working with Ananda Integrative Healing, I would urge you to do it. It was truly a life transforming experience. And if you are someone out there who is feeling hopeless and beyond repair, just know that I felt that way too, and I was proven wrong.

I have benefited greatly from being a client of Nicole's. Her help has extended well beyond her therapeutic touch, which is already in a class by itself."

- Bryan V.

"First of all, a little about me: I'm just an awkward kid from NC who did well for himself in business, but I never learned the things that Nicole has been teaching me until she came along. She has talked to me about relating to women, controlling my breathing, being more present with my body, various techniques, and understanding the importance of touch and body signaling. She is truly a relationship coach.

Nicole's therapeutic touch is relaxing, invigorating, and instructive -- all at the same time! Before each session, she spends time with me going over my goals for the session, issues I have been having, what she can do for me, and ways that I can improve. Between sessions, she stays in touch to make sure I am doing my homework that she gives me. Nicole is not a clock-watcher, phone-checker, or 'just here to do my job.' She seems genuinely happy to see me each time. That means the world to me.


Nicole understands the importance of touch, and she has made me much more aware of the power of touching others and how to do it in a gently giving way. I am also a better person because I have worked with her as I am now more open to the touch of others and more vulnerable in a positive way.


Thank you Nicole for all you have done for me. And to the universe: I would recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to better understand themselves and how to relate to those they have an attraction for. She is the absolute best, and she has set the new standard for the kind of person I want to attract into my life. She will make you a better person."

- Brian J.

"Where do I start? I am a 51-year-old man who was in need of some help. I'm an Army war veteran, suffering from PTSD, Persian Gulf War Illness, and several other disabilities. My marriage of over 20 years came to an end recently, and quite frankly, my self-esteem and confidence were at an all-time low. In my younger years, I was so full of confidence and strength. I was in phenomenal shape, was good looking, and had a way with the ladies. I was confident in everything I did! Fast forward 20-some years and that was not the case anymore. My body is broken down from years of sports, surgeries, and injuries during my military service. I needed some help with my confidence, and with my sexual ability. I felt as though I just didn't have what it takes to find a woman and please her emotionally and sexually.

I was doing a random internet search and happened upon Ananda Integrative Healing Group and this is where my journey to being a new man started. I emailed them and received a response quickly. I thought about what I should do for awhile, because I was a grown man and was a little embarrassed that I needed help. I decided that I needed to do this and I made an appointment, and I met Nicole to begin the process of becoming a new man. I made an appointment with her and arrived very nervous. And I mean, really nervous. When she opened the door, I could immediately see her beauty, and after giving me a hug, I could feel her genuine love for me and what she does. We went into her healing room and just began to talk. She made me feel so comfortable and made me feel like I was with a close friend I have known for years. Immediately, she was no longer a stranger, but a close friend with whom I could open up about anything. 

She has a great process during this journey. Everything is done in a slow and caring way. We just stood and held each other, with no talking, and I could feel the love in her embrace. I knew at this point that I had made the correct decision to contact them. We progressed a little further in each session, with Nicole always ensuring that I felt comfortable with each step. A large part of our program was sensate focus touch exercises. This is an amazing and sensual feeling, and I am so thankful to have learned this from Nicole. The progression then led to skill-building exercises. I was nervous about this because I was not sure how it was going to go, but Nicole was so kind and caring during the process, that I was able to relax and enjoy. She made the experience so easy to accomplish my goal. She was an amazing teacher but did not act like one, but more like a friend. She made me feel special and talked me through the process.  


Nicole is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I really can not put into words how she made me feel during the process. My self-esteem improved and my confidence skyrocketed. She was caring, sensual, loving, and physically amazing, but most of all, she was professional. She understands exactly what her role is and follows it perfectly. This process with was an emotional and spiritual journey, and during it I made many positive changes to my life in other areas, in addition to regaining my confidence.


In conclusion, my experience with Ananda Group has literally been life changing. I am totally serious when I say life changing. I feel like the young man who used to know he could do anything he wanted, not just with meeting women, but with life in general. I will be forever grateful for all the work and love they showed me during my journey."

- Ted Z.

“I was very nervous as I began to work with Nicole. I was worried I would feel too embarrassed or self-conscious to benefit from this type of therapy/healing and was likely to only go to one session and then move on to try something else. After our first appointment together, I knew I was going to work through my problems with her and keep going back until we decided I was ready to move on. She helped me with more than just the problems that had me seek out a therapist in the first place. We worked through long-standing emotional problems and family issues that were with me so long I no longer even acknowledged them as problems; I saw them as just part of life and thought they always would be.


When I spent time with Nicole, I always left feeling like a weight had been lifted. She helped me set goals and begin looking forward to my future. I still have things that I am working on but feel I have improved tenfold over where I was and now I can see myself overcome any obstacle because of many of the tools that she gave me to work through life problems. It takes a very special person to do the work that Nicole does and she is the best of the best. I felt completely comfortable and cared for the entire time I was with her.”


- Patrick H.


“In two words: wonderfully transformative.

After taking some time to reflect on the process, I've come to think of Nicole's guidance as perhaps the most unique growth experience of my life. While it is true that we all never stop learning and growing, for me, those fantastic and energizing bursts of growth and learning were clustered in the adolescent and young adult years. Nicole, however, is one of those incredibly rare people who are able to foster the kind of wildly explosive growth that, like in those younger years, has energized me and opened another part of the world for me.

None of my growth would have been possible if Nicole was not such a beautifully supportive and encouraging person. During our process, she frequently knew the points that needed pushing and was able to pull me out of my comfort zones with understanding and compassion. I was quite amazed at Nicole's intuitive abilities -- she often knew if I was struggling and was able to talk me through it before my struggle was apparent to myself. The nature of the work was deeply intimate, and yet she was highly respectful of my life outside of our time together. She developed very reasonable homework assignments that I would take with me, taking care to only assign what she felt would be a good fit at the time.

I am trying to prevent this little summary from sounding clinical and even superficial because, in fact, Nicole works to make the time profoundly personal and inspirational. I felt as though I came to her with something missing from my life that I myself barely understood. What I came away with, what Nicole was able to understand and provide, has improved the joy in my life, my marriage, and in the lives of those closest to me as well.”


- Wes F.



"Simply put, Nicole has been a Godsend. I was extremely skeptical prior to our first appointment but was pretty much desperate for help. The problems I was facing each day had been years (if not decades) in the making and were leaching into every facet of my life. I had lost hope of ever having a normal, healthy sex life again.

Through discussions, coaching, touch work, exercises and even homework, Nicole has helped me reinvigorate my sex life and frankly, my entire life. I feel years younger, have a spring in my step again, and have a positive outlook for the years ahead.

I would have no reservations in recommending Nicole to anyone in a similar life situation."


- Stuart S.


"When you open up to Nicole as I did, you don't get pre-packaged responses or half-hearted taglines. You receive honesty and understanding. You receive guidance in the process of self-discovery. You might only communicate to her the tip of the iceberg, but somehow carve away at things below the surface, things unknown even to you. She is genuine, with an open heart; perceptive, with an open mind."


- Matt M.


"My experience with the Ananda Healing Group can only be described as game-changing and life enhancing. The Ananda practitioners are honest individuals who truly care about their clients. The basis of their approach toward my specific situation was rooted in compassion and optimism, but more importantly, I felt loved. I felt loved as a human being, and my individual desires as a sexual being were truly cared for and were always at the forefront of the sessions.   


Nicole's expertise in energy work and Reiki healing helped reveal personal blocks and her expertise in touch work & surrogate partner therapy allowed me the chance to explore myself as a sexual being. Even though she barely knew me, I could sense that she was perfectly in tune with my spirit and was actively supporting my purpose as a human being while offering multiple options in overcoming anxiety, body image, and emotional blocks. After my sessions with Nicole, I left feeling like a man. Like a man who could conquer the world, control my own destiny, and go after exactly what I want.  


Overall, Ananda is a force to be reckoned with. I am so grateful for my experience with each and every one of them and I guarantee those of you reading this, that you will be too. In my opinion, they act like a family unit working as one to effect positive change."


- Castle S. 

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