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We work together to create the right program for you, addressing your needs on every level -- mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We create a safe, nonjudgmental place for you to heal and grow into your best self.

Nicole Ananda

Surrogate Partner, Mind/Body Practitioner, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Tantra Practitioner


Nicole Ananda uses the tools and knowledge that she has gathered from over two decades of personal transformation work to bring healing and transformation to our clients. She works with clients of all genders and orientations to holistically address their sexuality issues using a variety of tools, including coaching, surrogate partner therapy, touch therapy, tantra, and energy work. The most important tool that Nicole utilizes is compassion, which allows her to guide our clients through their healing journey in an environment free from judgment, fear, or shame. Nicole helps clients with all forms of personal and sexual concerns, including (but not limited to): social anxiety, low sexual confidence, premature/early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, body image issues, orgasm blocks, late-life virginity, and performance concerns. She specializes in guiding clients to access their personal power, build their confidence, increase their comfort with touch and intimacy, and become as fully functional as possible. Nicole believes that love is the greatest medicine, and she uses her genuine love for, and acceptance of, each client to help them learn to truly love themselves.


Nicole has taken the traditional surrogate partner therapy model developed by sex research pioneers Masters & Johnson and developed it into a holistic therapy that is unique to Ananda Integrative Healing Group and tailored to 21st century issues and needs.


Nicole holds multiple certifications: surrogate partner, mind/body practitioner, advanced integrated energy therapy practitioner, Reiki master, shamanic healer, and life coach. She is also a tantra practitioner. She has over a decade of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, in addition to her years of experience in the healing world. Nicole's training also includes the full Landmark Education core curriculum, and she holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Oberlin College. Nicole is co-founder of the Surrogate Partner Collective, a network of surrogate partner therapy practitioners and collaborating clinicians, providing certification, continuing education, advocacy, and outreach.

Elizabeth Collins, LPC

Clinical Therapist

Elizabeth works in our Philadelphia, PA area location

Elizabeth is an experienced mental health counselor and trauma specialist utilizing EMDR and Brainspotting to heal the effects of childhood and adult experiences of neglect, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual control, physical abuse, emotional control, decision making control, gaslighting, emotional blackmail, financial abuse, codependency, and verbal abuse including bullying, teasing, scapegoating, blaming and name calling. For people who are also suffering from or in recovery from addictions including sexual addiction, substance abuse or addictive behaviors, treatment works through these abuses to diminish the addictive impulse and need to self medicate, to restore or build self esteem and redirect energy toward satisfying life goals in support of sustained sobriety.


Elizabeth's clinical treatment includes emotional healing through EMDR or Brainspotting, progresses to cognitive reprogramming of obstructive self concepts and unhelpful thinking patterns, and concludes with practical goal setting and creative problem solving. The ultimate goal is a satisfying and happy personal and professional life. In the words of Sigmund Freud, “Love and work…work and love, that's all there is…love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.”

Abby Sheneman, LCSW

Clinical Therapist

Abby sees clients via our secure video platform

Abby possesses a wide range of experience helping people transition through difficult phases across the trajectory of their lifespans, ranging from childhood through adulthood.  She has worked in mobile therapy, cancer support, varied medical social work, private and group practice, education for meditative/mindfulness practices, mediation, and domestic relations. Her training, experiential self-work, passion and drive help her to collaborate with our clients to guide them through the changes they desire to make, in order to evolve into their most genuine and authentic selves. 

She utilizes EMDR as well as general therapy for anxiety, depression, grief/loss and trauma. Abby is also trained in parent coordination. She provides an eclectic, experiential, integrative and holistic approach towards the application of her therapeutic skill set.

Abby is a Licensed Master of Social Work in the state of Pennsylvania, and a certified clinical trauma professional. She obtained her Master of Social Work in conjunction with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University.

Joy Rigel

Surrogate Partner, Reiki & Tantra Practitioner

Joy works in our Philadelphia, PA area location


Joy’s exploration of intimacy and spirituality led her to the personal revelation that sexuality is the seed and seat of our soul, and the root of our being. Joy believes that intimacy (deep connection) creates a container in which healing, growth, and self-realization can take place. It is Joy's passion and dedication to nurture and grow states of being that cultivate pleasure, comfort and a feeling of 'home' in the body, mind, and world. Surrogate partner therapy, tantra, Reiki, guided meditations, and intentional bodywork are some of the practices Joy uses to help our clients cultivate embodied presence, pleasure, passion and wholeness. These modalities offer foundational support in all the aspects of one's life, relationships ,and well-being. Joy has over 25 years of experience in yoga, bhakti yoga, and meditation. She has training in tantra yoga, Alexander Technique, ritualistic dance, sacred sexuality, and surrogate partner therapy.  Joy holds certifications in Reiki, vinyasa/yin yoga, surrogate partner therapy & Mystical DanceTM.

Rachael Rainey

Surrogate Partner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

Rachael works in our Reno, NV location and also travels to clients


Rachael gained a wealth of experience with human sexuality through her work as one of the West Coast's most highly reviewed legal courtesans. She is now devoting her career to helping people heal and grow as a certified surrogate partner. Rachael has always followed her heart and believed in her dreams; she eschews conventional dogma in lieu of personal freedom. She has learned that the key to helping people is acceptance and patience, and she believes that compassion lays the groundwork for healing one's self and one's relationships. Rachael is skilled at developing intimate connections with all types of people, and she strives to help her clients feel at ease in her presence. A life full of adventure and hard work has given Rachael many enriching experiences that she brings to her work as a surrogate partner. She has been an apprentice and journeyman glassblower, a traveling art teacher, a U.S. Forest Service fire crew member, and an executive chef. Rachael holds certifications in surrogate partner therapy & integrated energy therapy, and a BFA from Kent State University.

Michelle Renee

Surrogate Partner, Certified Cuddlist, Human Connection Coach

Michelle works in our Baltimore, MD area location and also travels to clients


Five years ago Michelle needed an updated life trajectory and started on a journey. In her exploration, she researched many alternative lifestyles and sex education career paths, ultimately coming to the conclusion that hands-on sex education was her next calling. The first step on her journey was to become a Cuddlist™ Certified Practitioner in 2015. In this platonic, hands-on work she supports her clients in building communication and boundaries skills, essential for healthy sexual relationships. Many clients also grew to see her as a source of sexual health and dating support. In the summer of 2018 she knew it was time to expand her offerings and began training with the Institute for Mind Body Therapy as a Surrogate Partner. Michelle is a firm believer that safe, wanted human connection changes lives. Ultimately the connection we change is our connection with ourselves. A recent transplant from San Diego, Michelle is based north of Baltimore, and is excited to be a new addition to the Ananda team.

Brian Gibney

Surrogate Partner, Intimacy Coach

Brian works in Charlottesville, VA & our Philadelphia, PA area location and also travels to clients


Brian has worn many hats in his life: scientific researcher, educator, professional artist, and circus performer. His diverse life experiences have exposed him to a wide variety of people and lifestyles and helped him appreciate the common threads that bind us all together. As an IPSA-trained surrogate partner and intimacy coach, Brian seeks to use his knowledge to help people overcome obstacles to physical and emotional intimacy. He works with women (cis- and trans-) and sometimes men (cis-,trans-, heterosexual, and gay) and uses an interdisciplinary approach to integrate mind, body, and spirit. Brian helps guide clients through a variety of issues, including histories of trauma or abuse, social anxiety, poor body image, sensual awareness, orgasmic blocks, genital pain, disability, rediscovery of
their bodies during/after transition, and late-life virginity in a safe, non-judgmental environment. His practice is rooted in patience, authenticity, vulnerability, touch… and sometimes a little bit of humor. Brian holds a BA in Molecular Biology from Kenyon College and a Masters in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts. He received his training in surrogate partner therapy from IPSA (the International Professional Surrogates Association) in 2016 and is currently in the intern phase working toward full certification. Brian is co-founder of the Surrogate Partner Collective.

Dennis Michael Loreman

Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner

Dennis works in our Philadelphia, PA area location


Dennis Michael Loreman is a hypnotist with over a decade of experience who is dedicated to expanding human potential through empowered thoughts that lead to mindful actions. As a Reiki master, Dennis folds energetic methodologies into the hypnotic experience, using techniques of bypassing the conscious mind that dissolve fear, doubt, and pain to help the subconscious mind bring profound change from within. By embracing a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit, this unique hypnosis experience can unite mental, emotional, and physical sexuality into integrated well-being. Dennis motivates our clients to make the most of their experiences and feel good about themselves as the changes from deep within emerge in their lives. 

Cecelia Catalina Baez

Integrative Health Coach, Certified Cuddlist

Cecelia works at her own Philadelphia, PA area location


Cecelia is a natural born healer who practices integrative health coaching, professional cuddling, meditative touch therapy, and integrative energy work. Cecelia has been involved with meditation and holistic healing since 2011. She became a Certified Integrative Health Coach in 2017 and a Certified Professional Cuddler in 2016. Her inspirations for these professions began at a very early stage in her life. As a child she suffered from IBS, HSV, anxiety, and depression, and as a young adult, she began to implement holistic and natural healing modalities to bring awareness and balance to her life. These disciplines combined with her dedication to self-discovery have transformed and inspired Cecelia to be an aid for others on their journey to self-healing. Working with Cecelia in Integrative Health Coaching provides our clients a pathway to becoming more balanced. She helps bring to light the core physical blocks that keep people from moving forward and uncover what is missing in their lives to bring things into greater harmony. Cecelia’s goal is to help others become the greatest version of themselves and bypass as well as reprogram the subconscious mind to think more positively and lovingly towards themselves. Cecelia is excited to be on this journey by transforming lives with Ananda Integrative Healing Group.


Cecelia offers Integrative Health Coaching and Cuddling services while she is currently enrolled in college for Naturopathic Medicine. She is also taking classes in IET, Reiki, and soon to become a Meditation Instructor.

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