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Intensive Surrogate Partner Therapy Programs

What is an intensive program?

Intensive SPT programs are scheduled in blocks of time, based on client & surrogate partner availability. Some clients work with us in several blocks of a few days at a time (for instance, working with their surrogate partner for a few days in a row on a monthly basis). Others do longer intensives of one, two, or three weeks of daily sessions. Clients usually need more than one intensive to accomplish their goals. 

Who needs an intensive program?

  • clients traveling long distances to work with us

  • clients who need a surrogate partner to travel to them (for example, clients with disabilities)

  • clients who aren't able to manage weekly or biweekly program schedules

How does an intensive program work?


You first will have an intake session with our clinician so that we can get a clear picture of your history, issues, goals, and needs. After your intake, we will send you our recommended treatment plan and pair you with the surrogate whom we think will be the best fit. Currently, we have one surrogate, Rachael Rainey, whose schedule allows for intensive programs. We will work with you to schedule program dates and times at Rachael's location near Reno, NV, or we will arrange for Rachael to travel to you (travel and lodging fees will be added to the program cost). You will meet with Rachael on a daily basis during your intensive, and your therapy sessions with our clinician will be via our secure HIPAA-compliant video platform.

For more information about our intensive programs, please fill out our contact form.