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Get your Sex Dates on the Schedule!

The weekly Sex Date guarantees that you and your partner will have at least one time a week focused purely on connection and pleasure.

Love Nest

The rules of the Sex Date are simple:

1. No talking about anything in the real world.

2. No conditional behavior, just give and receive.

3. Schedule it and protect it as a priority.

Here are some of my personal tips for GETTING OUT OF YOUR HOUSE for uninhibited sex:

** Contact a local hotel and book several days at a reduced rate. Ask for a room far away from

other rooms so you can be as loud as you want. Hotels near airports or hospitals are used to

day rate bookings. Independently owned hotels with a private owner will be very accommodating for long lunch or afternoon rates.

**Set up a “love nest” with at least one other couple. This is an efficiency, converted shed, RV,

cabin, artist space…whatever. Keep a schedule so that everyone knows when they have access

and share the cost.

**Even if you are not a swinger, you can join a sex club and use their private rooms, which follow

the towel policy. Your shower afterwards will not be private but you can enjoy the sounds of

other couples, plus get something to eat.

**Outdoor sex is my least favorite option because of potential interruption. Plan ahead (security

cameras, weather, etc.). Large private property is the best option (get permission from a friend). Tents or draped blankets can add to the mood.

No more excuses! Get that Sex Date on your schedule!

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