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The Power of Doing What You Want

All of us could have more of what we want, if we did one new thing today.


Procrastination is not a result of limited time or lack of planning. It is simply avoiding a choice or action. Psychologists believe it is a byproduct of authoritarian parenting...hello! How many of us had that?

Many people are legitimately overwhelmed. But what about the things we actually WANT but DON'T DO?

1) Be self-aware of days filled with busy-ness, distractions & excuses. Do you hear yourself saying "tomorrow will be different" or "that can wait" or "I'll think about/deal with that later"?

When you catch yourself procrastinating about something you desire, be aware that you are lying to yourself, and allowing fear or anxiety to dictate your life.

2) The power of doing something new today has an exponential effect on your life, especially when it makes your heart skip a beat from excitement & joy.

We have more energy to direct to productive life when we aren't spending it on denial, avoidance, depression, and distraction.

3) Allow yourself to have what you desire, and take some chances. Embrace what you want.

And do it TODAY.

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