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Ananda Presenting at Widener Conference This Month

We're thrilled to announce that our hypnotherapist, D. Michael Loreman, has been

D. Michael Loreman

chosen to present at the Widener University Careers in Sexuality Conference on September 30! His topic will be Erotic Hypnotherapy, and it's sure to be an exciting presentation. Attendees will be treated to a lecture and Q&A session on hypnosis and trance. Topics will include: hypnotic inductions; rapport, trust, and consent; erotic usage for setting triggers; arousal and orgasm training; and the role of hypnosis in kink. A “feel good” demo will conclude the session to give those consenting a taste of eroticism when their subconscious is engaged with their pleasure. D. Michael will be supported at the conference by Ananda team members Jen Mull, Ryan Malone, and Nicole Ananda.

Erotic hypnosis has many groundbreaking applications, including helping to restore sexual confidence, supporting erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation surrogate partner therapy, restoring sexual pleasure to people with disabilities, and more. We're proud to have D. Michael on our team, bringing a cutting-edge component to our holistic life & sex transformation programs!

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