Surrogate Partner Therapy

  • Overcome relationship & intimacy issues, sexual issues and dysfunctions such as PE, ED, orgasm blocks, low confidence, and more

Transformational Life/Sex Coaching & Therapy

  • Eliminate energy drains & gain empowerment

  • Build confidence & competence

  • Receive current sex education

  • Cultivate new relationship readiness

  • Live to your fullest potential


Solutions for Sexless Marriage

  • Learn how to bring the spark back to your relationship

Hands-on Bodywork

  • Tantric bodywork

  • Sexological bodywork

  • Cuddle therapy


Brainspotting & NeuroSomatic Processing

  • Heal traumas without having to talk about it​

  • Calm your nervous system



  • Tame your subconscious mind​

  • Empower yourself to make positive changes


Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing

  • Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Healing

  • Shamanic healing

  • Spiritual guidance