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Time to Play!

Play is not just valuable for kids, but also for ADULTS!

Want more laughter?

Want to connect with people?

Want to be more creative and productive?


Incorporating play into any relationship will:

  • expand body signal vocabulary & build trust,

  • invite spontaneity & discover the unexpected,

  • extend boundaries,

  • connect right brain to left brain, and

  • increase excitement & adrenaline.

Good sex depends on connection… presence, focus, attention, trust, communication… all of which naturally occurs during play! Sex Play allows our bodies and desires to take us where they will, in non-goal-oriented pleasure seeking. The opposite of play is… work! performance! thinking!

Add play to your relationship and your sex life, and you will continue to keep it fresh and growing.

People who play together, stay together!

Let's play together

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